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Shaanxi Institute of Engineering Prospecting (SIEP),established in 1987,was derived from the First Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology Company which was founded in 1955.It was a subsidiary unit of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources. Based on Shaanxi province and facing to the northwest of China ,SIEP undertakes an important dual business on both Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology investigation over the years. SIEP made a significant contribution to the economic construction in the northwest of China.SIEP also made major contribution to Shaanxi Province in engineering investigation on industry, agriculture,national defence construction,the urban water supply,civil engineering,water conservancy engineering, railway , highway .

The Grade A comprehensive investigation qualification was approved by the Ministry of Construction to SIEP.SIEP have many other Grade A qualifications issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources including the geologic mineral exploration certificate ,the geological disaster danger evaluation certificate ,the investigation certificate on geologic disaster management, the design certificate on geologic disaster management and the construction certificate on geologic disaster management. SIEP have the Grade A well drilling qualification awarded by Department of Water Resources in Shaanxi Province and the Grade B surveying qualification acknowledged by Shaanxi Bureau of Surveying and Mapping .SIEP have the ability to work in several different scopes including hydrogeological investigation,engineering geological investigation,environmental geological investigation, geophysical exploration ,geochemical exploration ,geological exploration drilling,geological testing and experiment,water resources argumentation ,engineering surveying and mapping,cadastral mapping, geologic disaster controlling and management ,drilling construction, remedial well treatment,well clean-up,machine work.

SIEP have completed more than a dozen of investigation for water supply sources in large and medium-sized and supergiant size in China including Shenzhen city, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Baoji, Hanzhong, Yan'an, Yulin and other cities. SIEP have accomplished the investigation for water supply sources of electric power plants in Weinan county, Pucheng county, Huxian county, Qinling Mountain.SIEP have completed thousands of geotechnical investigation of civil engineering,national defence construction,railway and highway engineering ,dam site .The typical geotechnical investigation projects include No. 310 national highway,Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre, JING HE industrial area ,Xi’an Xianyang International Airport and the Tang Fu’rong Paradise. The breakthrough was made by SIEP in the potential karst water exploration around the Ordos basin.More than 100 achievements received provincial-level or ministry-level prizes . The president of SIEP has made solemn promise in the "management handbook" to the user that the managerial principles of SIEP will be implemented in each project.

There are 526 staff members in SIEP at present,which including 160 senior engineers,140 engineers ,160 assistant engineers ,15 national certified geotechnical engineers,and 10 national certified constructor.There are more than 200 sets of advanced equipments and devices in SIEP which have the total assets of more than 50 million yuan. SIEP have more than 300 sets of investigation and testing machines and instruments .The library of SIEP is rich in the engineering geological information .

The three major professionals in SIEP are engineering geology investigation, geotechnical construction ( management), hydrogeological investigation research and drilling construction.SIEP holds the double Grade A investigation qualification issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Construction . SIEP have the ability to undertake engineering geology investigation of large engineering in many scopes including civil engineering, national defence construction,municipal,water conservancy and hydropower, thermal power generation,nuclear power stations, railways, highways, airports,dock, port structure,bridges, tunnels, culverts, mining.SIEP have the ability to undertake the engineering geological surveying and mapping, exploration, in-situ testing,laboratory experiments in all procedures including planning and site selection investigation , the preliminary investigation ,detailed investigation ,investigation during construction.SIEP also undertake the stability evaluation of foundation engineering and Regional stability,the investigation and management of all kinds of engineering geological disasters including landslide and fissures.

In recent decades,SIEP have accomplished more than 20 reservoir investigation in Shaanxi province ,thousands of geotechnical engineering investigation in civil engineering such as xi'an Empress Hotel, the Hub building for Shaanxi mobile communication company limited,high-rise apartment building in Xi’an railways bureau,Jerry mansion,Yahe Intelligent home.SIEP have completed the geotechnical investigation of industrial and mining area. SIEP is evaluated highly by the consumer and society.

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